Black Truffles

Truffles are highly sought after, edible fruiting bodies that are also known as being a type of fungus. These true truffles can be found in close proximity to trees. The fruiting bodies of the truffles have become a popular food at high-class restaurants. However, it has been described as having an aroma, while there are others that think cooked truffles smell like deep fried sunflower seeds.

There are a number of types of truffles that can be eaten. One of the more popular truffles is the black truffle. The Black Truffle has been named after the Perigord region of France and grows exclusively with oak. They can be found during the autumn and winter months. During the winter months they can grow to be as big as 7 cm in diameter and can weigh up to 700 grams each.

Production of the Black Truffle takes place mostly in Europe with France producing approximately 45 % of the world’s truffles. Other European countries that are producing a large number of Black Truffles are Spain and Italy. In 1900, France produced about 1000 metric tonnes of truffles.

There have been many attempts to cultivate truffles but to date no one has been able to do so. This particular type of truffle grows randomly on truffle oaks and grow at least thirty centimetres below the surface. The more truffle seedlings that are planted the more chance there is that truffles with grow in that area. Black Truffles grow best at latitudes between forty-four and forty-six degrees.

Truffles cannot be seen while they are growing since they grow under the ground. Specially trained dogs have been employed to search for the elusive truffle. However, there is always a chance that the dogs will eat the truffles when they find them.

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